What’s My Employability Score?
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What’s My Employability Score?

How employable am I?  What can I do to increase my chances of getting hired?
What is the likelihood I will find employment relative to others currently looking for work?

Job seekers need help answering these questions.  The factors associated with these questions can be complicated and confusing.  However, you can simplify the problem by asking "What’s My Employability Score?"

My Employability Score collects data related to employment prospects and weighs this data based on which factors contribute more heavily to employment.  Much like a credit score, your Employability Score can be improved through a series of targeted actions.  The higher your Employability Score, the greater your competitive advantage in the labor market.

The Employability Score is based on how well a job seeker’s employment profile matches their target occupation and labor market demand.  Complete a basic employment profile in the following screens to determine where you rank compared to the competition in the current labor market.  Both positive and negative factors contributing to your Employability Score will be identified so that you can determine what factors to target.